Ikahu Media Art, active since march 2013, specialize in designing and carrying out media art installations. We’re also running various projects that aim at improving the visibility and awareness of media- and visual art on both a national and international level. On top of that we also do training and consultations concerning media art.

Being artists ourselves, we’re interested in finding the technical solution that serves the artwork and artistic expression as well as possible. Besides offering mere technical help we often take part in the early stages of planning the work of art, considering different alternatives together with the artist.  The needs of the customer are always key for us – we’ll find the optimal setup tailored for your needs.

Working with galleries, museums, artists and other instances active in the art scene, we’re familiar with it’s practices and structures. Having a passion for visual arts, it’s our mission to make art more accessible to the audience by finding new ways to exhibit it. We offer a one of a kind, affordable and professional way to make this happen.

Ikahu has been part of Kunstventures Oy since 2015. Kunstventures specialize in improving the technical conditions for exhibiting art, promoting the visibility of art and advancing the employment of artists. We’re constantly working on new ways for bringing art closer to our everyday lives and making it an shared experience!

Kunstventures Ltd is Pasi Rauhala and Teemu Lindroos. Besides being active as a media artist since 2004, Rauhala has among other things worked as a teacher at Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture, and the Academy of Fine Arts (Kuvataideakatemia). The official web page of Pasi Rauhala can be found at  www.pasirauhala.fi. Lindroos is active as a visual artists under the name Teemu Lehmusruusu. He’s also working as a photographer and arts teacher. Teemu’s artist home page can be found at www.teemulehmusruusu.com.

By working with Kunstventures you’re also contributing to the progress of Finnish media art!


Kunstventures Oy / Ikahu Media Art
Isonniitynkatu 5 lt 6
00520 Helsinki

email: info(at)ikahu.fi

Personal contacts:

Teemu Lindroos
+358 44 5887668

Pasi Rauhala
+358 45 6705236

Business ID:  2658652-1